Case Study

A Sentry Mini-Storage | Anchorage, Alaska

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Seller Profile

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Buyer Profile

Private Real Estate Investment Firm.
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Property Profile

Unique value-add opportunity with expansion potential in Anchorage, Alaska. The subject offers 818 units across 65,038 NRSF and had a physical occupancy of 90 percent at time of closing.

The Story

  • The partnership group wanted to retire and sell the property
  • Seller engaged with SkyView after receiving a direct offer from a private, institutional self-storage company that had a nearby facility
  • The asset’s geographical location posed a unique challenge in finding the right buyer, as owning an asset in this part of the world requires a very diligent management team
  • The team conducted extensive research to navigate the challenges and complexities of the transaction
  • SkyView’s institutional marketing campaign honed in on the upsides of the property, including high visibility, strong traffic counts and a low supply, ensuring strong demand for years to come
  • The team’s substantial focus on buyer interviews ensured the right fit and a smooth transaction for the seller

Value Creation

Through significant teamwork and expertise, SkyView was able to assist in sourcing a robust management company and the right buyer in the state of Alaska. The seller was very pleased with the disposition and agreed upon price, which provided stability for retirement.

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