Case Study

CubeSmart (Managed) Colorado Springs, CO

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Seller Profile

Regional Developer
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Buyer Profile

Private Equity Firm
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Property Profile

Class A Asset with New Construction (2021 built) in the heart of Colorado Springs, Colorado

The Story

  • The sellers developed this property in a high population growth area of Colorado Springs
  • The asset lease-up with a high velocity due to the increase in multi-family homes in the immediate trade area
  • Sellers identified this location as planning for new residential came through the Colorado Springs pipeline
  • The Property had an expansion planned which the purchasers are developing with the help of the seller
  • The SkyView experts received over 10 competitive offers on the asset
  • The opportunity garnered attention from the largest REITS and Private Equity firms
  • Self Storage in this area was under supplied and this 100,000+ NRSF facility caters to the strong demand from the surrounding population


Value Creation

With an extremely competitive bidding process, the sellers were able to achieve optimal pricing on the Class A property. “The SkyView team was very organized and very thorough. They kept us informed through the entire process and also kept the process moving along at a steady pace. We were very satisfied with the entire process.” – Brian Schumann | Former Owner | CubeSmart (Managed) Colorado Springs

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