Case Study

Dallas & Kansas City Trophy Asset Portfolio

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Seller Profile

Regional Developer
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Buyer Profile

Institutional REIT
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Property Profile

Eight institutional assets boasting over 619,000 net rentable square feet with 6,029 units in low-supply / high-income divisions of Dallas and Kansas City.

The Story

  • The sellers developed all eight of the portfolio subject properties
  • Strategically positioned in two geographically diverse metropolitan areas
  • Properties ranged from fully physically-occupied to early stage lease-up
  • All properties were still early stage in their economic occupancy
  • Sellers received multiple direct offers on their portfolio, but wanted to gauge a full market response
  • SVA achieved a portfolio price that exceeded the direct offers by over 25 percent 
  • SkyView Advisors identified the subset of the market that was willing to pay over 15 percent more than the consensus of the buyers in the market

Value Creation

SkyView’s strategic marketing approach maximized the number of offers. The team opted to accept offers on the entire portfolio or each specific metropolitan area, which brought in buyers that were only interested in either Dallas-Fort Worth or Kansas City. The buyers ultimately increased their final offers over ten percent from their original bids through our proprietary offer process.

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