Case Study

Franklin Park Self Storage

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Seller Profile

Private local developers
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Buyer Profile

Large national owner/ operator
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Property Profile

Certificate of occupancy transaction with a completion date of November 2017. Located in an extremely high barrier to entry submarket. Consisted of both climate and non-climate units

The Story

  • Number of bids: 7
  • This property was a notable certificate of occupancy (C of O) transaction in the Pittsburgh market.
  • SkyView had a good reputation with the sellers from years of interaction in the industry.
  • The seller ultimately chose SkyView due to our track record and familiarity with market.
  • Our transaction manager was responsible for keeping track of all vendors and contractors to make sure that the timeline ran according to plan.
  • Due to the complicated nature of the construction process, the SkyView transaction department stayed involved in the process for a year and a half to ensure the deal reached the closing table.

Value Creation

Despite the long process, this was a successful closing for both buyer and seller. The seller used their profits from the sale to continue their investments in self storage.

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