Case Study

Harbor Lighthouse Self Storage

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Seller Profile

Family owner/operator
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Buyer Profile

Large regional owner/ operator
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Property Profile

Facility consists of climate and non-climate units, covered parking, and office suites built in 1998

The Story

  • Number of bids: 8
  • Majority partner built the property and siblings managed the facility day to day
  • Due to the emotional ties to the property, it was very important to the owner that the staff was taken care of and that his legacy was continued on with a reputable buyer
  • The seller built a personal relationship with Jay Crotty, SkyView founder and learned more about the company. The owner was impressed with Jay’s confidence in his team and put his own confidence in our team to take care of his family’s interests
  • After running a highly competitive offer process, SkyView helped facilitate personal interviews between the seller and top 3 finalists, allowing the seller to choose the group he was most comfortable with

Value Creation

The seller was thrilled with the SkyView process and felt confident that he was leaving his legacy in the right hands.

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