Case Study

Naples Boat & Self Storage

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Seller Profile

Private, high-net worth investment group
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Buyer Profile

Minority owner/ management company
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Property Profile

Built in 1975 and extensively renovated in 2014. Consists of climate and non-climate units as well as space for RV and Boat storage

The Story

  • Number of bids: 7
  • The majority owner had received a direct offer of $4.7 million from the minority owner, who was also the management company.
  • The majority owners had a fiduciary obligation to their investors to maximize the sale price so they engaged SkyView and let the market determine maximum value through SkyView’s bidding process.
  • The minority partner was ultimately awarded the deal after increasing their original offer by $637,000.

Value Creation

Majority owner and their investors netted over $500,000 more than the original offer.

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