Case Study

Naples MSA

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Seller Profile

Family owned and operated self-storage facility for over 30 years which meant there was significant emotional attachment to the facility
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Buyer Profile

Private equity backed national operator
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Property Profile

Facility consists of both climate and non-climate units. Originally built in 1974 and expanded in phases over multiple years

The Story

  • Number of bids: 11
  • This was a landmark deal as it was the single largest transaction in Florida at that time.
  • This deal was complicated in that it had 7 different parcels and some retail operations, which slightly narrowed the buyer pool.
  • Seller interviewed multiple firms and decided that SkyView would best represent their interests.
  • During the best and final offer deadline, SkyView facilitated meetings between the family and the top 5 interested buyers.
  • After personally interviewing each of the parties, the seller, in conjunction with SkyView’s guidance, selected the buyer they thought would best continue the family’s legacy.

Value Creation

The seller was happy and confident that they left their property in the right hands.

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