How the SkyView Process is Revolutionizing the Self-Storage Industry

April 26, 2016

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SkyView Advisors has designed a 252-point proprietary process to guarantee that every client receives best-in-class service. Every aspect of The SkyView Process was planned to ensure that self storage owners achieve the highest price and best terms for their self-storage property. With over $1.2 billion in completed transactions nationwide, The SkyView Process is time-tested and has proven itself to be the number one platform for achieving any self-storage owner’s needs and goals.

“Our goal is to constantly evolve and innovate as a company. I felt it was critical that no matter who is managing your transaction, you would receive the same level of service and commitment. We truly designed it so no stone goes unturned and now we can focus on the critical points that make each property unique,” says Jay J. Crotty, Managing Partner of SkyView Advisors. “Our clients put a great deal of trust in us. If any one of the 252 points is not executed, it could be the difference between successfully closing the transaction for our client or not. We have a terrific responsibility to our clients, and we do not take that lightly.”

The Team-Based Approach

The SkyView Process utilizes a team-based approach in order to cover every aspect of a self-storage transaction. By bringing together specialists with elite levels of expertise in their specialty, SkyView is able to guide you through every step of the transaction process. Think of the team as an engine: Every cog performs different tasks while working in unison to produce the best possible performance.
“Without the established connections, wide-reach and special expertise with an exclusive focus on self-storage nationwide, our model wouldn’t be as effective. This is because we wouldn’t have the tools required to accomplish our model’s sole objective: To best serve self storage owners. By bringing in people who have worked outside of the industry, we have been able to marry the best practices of multiple businesses with the know-how of the self storage industry,” says Crotty.

Ensuring Success

The team’s roles, tasks and accomplishments are all organized, tracked and documented in an extremely thorough 252-point, 8 page, digital checklist. The checklist specifies in chronological order each critical task and who is responsible throughout all the different stages of property marketing. It is the road-map to success. The primary purpose of the checklist is to ensure that every client receives the same high-level quality of service, and that the best possible outcome is reached.
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