Melissa Aguirre

Senior Associate
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  • Melissa Aguirre launched her career in the world of real estate with a shift from insurance sales, obtaining her Texas real estate license in 2017. Since then, real estate has served as the bedrock of her professional journey. Beginning with residential sales and swiftly transitioning into the domain of commercial real estate, her initial role was that of a leasing analyst for a private equity firm specializing in NNN lease office buildings.


    Subsequently, Ms. Aguirre embarked on a path as a tenant representative, focusing on the leasing intricacies of flex spaces and warehouses. The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic prompted a temporary pause in leasing activities, leading Ms. Aguirre to innovate her approach. She adeptly devised strategies for lease renewals, subleases and the integration of strategic clauses and contingencies tailored to the unprecedented challenges posed by the pandemic.


    In 2020, Ms. Aguirre’s trajectory took a new direction as she transitioned to collaborating with institutional investors boasting a substantial portfolio of approximately 45,000 properties. Within this role as an SFR (Single-Family Rental) Acquisitions Associate, she achieved a remarkable feat by acquiring over 300 homes within the Sunbelt Region. Notably, Ms. Aguirre secured a significant milestone by procuring a home at 64 percent of the initial asking price. In addition to her acquisitions prowess, she orchestrated an impressive 16 percent increase in the acceptance rate in Seattle, a testament to her skill in cultivating, solidifying and leveraging business relationships.


    At SkyView Advisors, Ms. Aguirre’s unwavering commitment remains dedicated to optimizing returns for clients during asset sales. Guided by a comprehensive 252-point process and the Strategic Sale Process (SSP), she ensures a trajectory marked by precision, transparency and diligent effort at every juncture. These methodologies underscore her determination to yield maximum results for her clients.

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