Sergio Navarrete

Senior Associate
  • snavarrete[at]
  • 813-212-7733
  • Sergio Navarrete, a bilingual professional with extensive experience in the mortgage industry, brings six years of expertise as a mortgage loan officer/broker to his role as a commercial broker at SkyView Advisors. With a solid foundation in residential real estate brokerage for three years, Sergio has established himself as a trusted expert in a variety of mortgage products, including FHA, VA, conventional, HECM, HELOC, and interest-only mortgages.

    As a sales lead and manager, Sergio has consistently demonstrated exceptional sales and leadership abilities. He has successfully driven growth and spearheaded new product initiatives, utilizing his proactive approach to develop and deliver training programs on mortgage products, ensuring clients have access to accurate and up-to-date information.

    Joining SkyView Advisors, Sergio utilizes his expertise in sales, underwriting, and property analyses to provide clients with unparalleled service. With a deep understanding of real estate financing intricacies, Sergio guides clients through complex commercial transactions, ensuring their needs are met effectively.

    Sergio’s client-centric approach is characterized by building sustainable relationships and exceeding expectations on every project. He values innovation, accountability, and preparedness as crucial qualities for navigating the ever-evolving commercial real estate market. Committed to delivering exceptional results, Sergio’s unwavering dedication and passion for helping investors achieve their goals make him an invaluable asset in the commercial real estate sector.

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