Case Study

Tri State Self Storage

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Seller Profile

Father originally built the facility in the early 1970s. Family continued to grow the the business and expand the portfolio over the years
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Buyer Profile

Joint Venture: REIT and pension fund
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Property Profile

Three property portfolio with climate and non-climate units built and developed between 1970 and 2009

The Story

  • Number of bids: 11
  • For many years, the seller had received multiple direct offers from regional and national buyers.
  • The majority owner decided to engage SkyView with questions about the direct offers and their valuation.
  • There were multiple family members involved that were depending on maximizing their net proceeds in order to fund their retirement.
  • Our team walked the owner through our 252 point process and his head was spinning at how detailed and methodical it was.
  • The SkyView process reminded the seller of the experience he previously had when selling his operating company through an investment bank

Value Creation

The family put their trust in the SkyView process and were able to net an additional $4,800,000 more than the highest of the original direct offers.

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