Key Differentiators

Democratizing Access for Unlimited Opportunity

Why SkyView?

SkyView Advisors is committed to providing a revolutionary experience for incoming advisors. We pride ourselves on the most advanced training program in the industry, and we ensure your success by providing detailed guidance that surpasses any level of training at the traditional brokerage model. The differences are in the unique details, which are fully transparent on the chart below.

Our Key Differentiators

Our Key Differentiators

SkyView Advisors

Traditional Brokerage Model

Complete freedom to manage relationships and transact across multiple asset classes. We believe in allowing our experts to excel in the sector they are most passionate about. This leads to stronger morale and unlimited opportunities for our committed sales team.

Stifles growth potential by pigeon-holing advisors into one asset class, based solely on the best interest of the firm.

The ultimate work / life balance is offered through a 100 percent remote work environment. Excel your career from anywhere in the world without compromise.

Mandated to work in an office environment to ensure total control and oversight. This industry-wide expectation results in very limited flexibility, subsequently creating burnout and a lack of work / life balance.

Total compensation transparency. Our advisors know exactly what they will be paid on every single closing. At SkyView Advisors, the compensation structure is laid out in writing to ensure total clarity and peace-of-mind for our experts.

Lack of compensation transparency due to loosely-defined commission structures, creating common internal friction. This creates toxic disputes among individual sales members at the traditional firm.

We have no internal competition at SkyView Advisors. We are a true meritocracy; our experts work in complete unison to ensure success throughout the firm. Our advisors can leverage all company deal flow to convert more business, in addition to democratized access to a sophisticated database and industry- leading resources.

Internal competition is commonplace and an accepted part of the culture at traditional firms, creating a consistent spiral of distrust and tension. Valuable resources are often privatized or restricted from broker-to-broker and team-to-team, creating a deeper barrier to success for new sales members.

We eliminate overhead costs at SkyView Advisors. We allow our experts to focus on the end goal. There is zero overhead cost for marketing, operating in new locations, legal, underwriting, premium photography, and institutional videos, among several other high-quality resources that allow our experts to excel in any market.

Burdensome overhead costs with minimum structure for deal flow. Significant costs such as legal defense funds, operational fees for expanding into new states, premium photography and institutional
video are often put on the individual instead of the company. This limits the quality of the deal experience for all parties (client and employee).

There is no other mentorship platform as comprehensive as our model at SkyView Advisors. With over 1,000 hours of consistent expert training for every single new advisor, our talent development system is the foundation for the highest revenue per salesperson in commercial real estate.

The traditional brokerage firm develops talent based on indentured servitude. New advisors are given busywork and administrative tasks unrelated to professional development for an extended period of time, while being subjected to a loosely defined mentorship plan.

Our company is fully democratizing access to the commercial real estate profession. From day one, our advisors hit the ground running with a fully sophisticated database, an industry-leading tech stack and daily personal guidance from a senior advisor.

The traditional model consists of several barriers and hurdles which need to be met before truly entering the market as an advisor. Without access to the top resources, new advisors are often forced to fend for themselves with minimal operational support.

We execute a proprietary 252-point process that ensures consistent execution for every client on every transaction, regardless of project size or geographic location.

There is no documented process for executing a transaction. There is an industry-wide reliance on outdated deal procedures which have never evolved, which makes every step of the transaction process more difficult and strenuous for the individual deal lead.

We pride ourselves on a digital-first brand with best-in-class marketing, ranging from institutional property marketing campaigns to progressive social media branding. SkyView is breaking the mold as an industry disruptor, and we’ve embraced the latest trends in tech and marketing to drive business.

At traditional brokerage firms, there is minimal focus on technology and digital marketing, creating various business limitations with virtually no differentiating factors from the traditional competition. Furthermore, external marketing efforts are outdated and ineffective, with little to no creative media branding.

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