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SkyView Advisors is a national commercial real estate brokerage firm and the only digital-first brand in the industry. With a focus on innovation through a fully cloud-based platform, SkyView has reimagined sell-side representation for this new era of business. 


Our unique vantage point is derived from state-of-the-art technology and the most forward-thinking leadership. Our institutional structure, proprietary best practices, and white-glove approach to deal execution results in the ultimate client experience. 

The SkyView Guarantee

Our Guarantee: The SkyView 252 Guarantees the Highest Price and Best Terms for Your Asset. 


The importance of a real guarantee cannot be underestimated in a constantly shifting marketplace. SkyView’s new guarantee is built on the tremendous work ethic of our team and our proprietary systems. We believe that a process-oriented approach for every facet of our business allows us to put our word behind something very meaningful that is lacking throughout the industry, which is a precise guarantee. Our industry-leading tech stack, 252-point deal process, and our unique group of industry experts ensure our guarantee on every transaction.


What Makes Us Unique?

Proprietary 252-Point Process

Total Transparency

Modern, Technology-Based Platform


It all starts with having a process.  Elite organizations have standardized processes that are consistent across the entire organization. 


Elite organizations are relentlessly focused on executing their processes. Our proprietary 252-point deal process allows our experts to execute flawlessly on every project. 


Exceptional results occur when organizations are relentlessly committed to the execution of their processes. The SkyView 252 delivers the best results, and that is our promise. 

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