Kyle Baptist

Senior Vice President
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  • 813.452.6999
  • Kyle Baptist is a Senior Associate with SkyView Advisors. Mr. Baptist joined the team with a unique background in the retail sector. His experience as an owner and a business leader yields a significant vantage point when advising clients in a constantly evolving marketplace.


    Prior to joining SkyView Advisors, Kyle’s main focus was leading a Northeast outfitter establishment as Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Baptist led and managed staff on a day-to-day basis, while developing objectives, policies, and operating procedures. Additionally, Kyle has extensive experience coordinating supply chain and determining store structure and presentation. Mr. Baptist was a critical executive who increased revenue and implemented unique merchandising strategies. His intuition with business operations helps him understand self-storage as a specific business, and not just an asset class.


    From 2012-2017, Kyle was a CEO & Founder of BeachSimple, Inc, where he was the creator of a leading pool float retailer (The Floaty Store) and resort brand BeachSimple Clothing Co. With these ventures, he provided strategic leadership and established a significant market footprint for each brand. Kyle was heavily involved on a day-to-day basis to ensure sales performance, positioning, quality, service and cost effectiveness. With over a decade of high-level business experience, Kyle channels his knowledge to help self-storage owners meet and exceed their ultimate goals in the market.

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