Keith McCoy

Vice President
  • kmccoy[at]
  • 813 319 3929
  • Keith McCoy joined SkyView Advisors in 2021. Keith aligns with SkyView Advisors core values as a detail-oriented self-starter who brings a wide-range of experience to the firm. Mr. McCoy comes to SkyView Advisors with an experienced background in engineering, which has advantageously allowed him to provide a unique scope and detailed understanding of the upsides and obstacles on every transaction.  


    Prior to joining SkyView Advisors, Mr. McCoy served as an essential design engineer for the Stellar Group in Jacksonville, Florida, specializing in refrigeration design. Keith was responsible for traveling to necessary facilities to analyze and assess complex design issues. In addition to being responsible for calculating solutions, he was also tasked with creating construction plans to meet budget and timeline constraints. During construction, Keith was responsible for ensuring design execution, while also providing updated drawings to match the final product. On several projects, Keith would serve as the direct line of contact between the customer and his company. Moreover, at Jacksonville University, where he earned his engineering degree, Mr. McCoy designed and built a custom thermo-fluids system to be used as a teaching device in engineering labs. This private project, sponsored by Jacksonville University’s Board of Engineers, was presented at the National Conference of Undergraduate Research at Kennesaw State University.  


    Mr. McCoy’s unique experience allots him an unrivaled vantage point within the commercial real estate sector. Keith is focused on channeling his experience, along with the firm’s proprietary 252-point process, to provide his clients with tailored solutions to achieve and surpass their ultimate goals in a constantly evolving marketplace.  

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