Steven Paul

Senior Financial Analyst

Steven Paul is the Senior Financial Analyst for SkyView Advisors. As the financial operations lead, Steven is responsible for leading, managing, developing and executing all valuation and underwriting processes for the firm. This includes the development of complex Excel financial valuation and reporting models, in addition to the implementation of best practices to help guide the firm’s proprietary 252-point deal process. Steven Paul came to SkyView Advisors with an unrivaled commercial real estate financial portfolio and is the primary architect behind the firm’s constantly evolving financial platform.


Prior to joining SkyView Advisors, Steven Paul was the Senior Financial Analyst at a publicly traded commercial real estate firm. During the entirety of his career, Mr. Paul has underwritten $6.5 billion in assets, encompassing more than 600 self-storage facilities. Steven aligns with the firm’s core values; his ability to carefully manage a high volume of complex deals while maintaining accuracy and precision is indicative of a unique dedication to his craft.


Steven earned his bachelor’s degree in Finance from the University of South Florida in 2018 before transitioning into commercial real estate full-time. Today, Steven is a key member of the SkyView Advisor’s Leadership team, playing an integral role in critical decisions and shaping the overall direction of the firm.

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