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Newly-Elevated Leaders at

SkyView Advisors

SkyView Advisors is pleased to announce the elevation of seven critical team members to new leadership roles. 

As the first digital commercial real estate firm, we take pride in differentiating our best practices from the traditional brokerage model. SkyView Advisors offers a clear path for consistent growth with true expert mentorship, a proprietary 252-point deal process, and the most efficient technology in the industry. The difference is in the unique details. 

Under the firm’s revolutionary business structure, our experts have achieved and surpassed expectations in a constantly-evolving marketplace. With a client-first approach on every single project, our leaders our prepared, resilient, and ready to execute with a passion. “The elevation of these seven experts is extremely well deserved” said Co-Founder Ryan Clark. “Each one of these core members has had a profound impact on the well-being of our company, in addition to the amazing success of our clients across the country.” 



Zachary Urow

Executive Vice President

Mr. Urow has elevated from Senior Vice President to Executive Vice President. He is one of the longest tenured and most experienced experts at the firm. Mr. Urow has been the top producer at SkyView Advisors for two years in a row, which is a testament to his unrivaled expertise and resiliency. As Executive Vice President, Zachary will continue to set the standard for execution in the most dynamic sector of commercial real estate.

Scott Schoettlin

Managing Director

Mr. Schoettlin has elevated from Senior Vice President to Managing Director at SkyView Advisors. Scott has been a driving force since arriving at the firm with over 20 years of high-level business experience. His passion for the business and exemplary leadership skills have elevated him to the Managing Director role at SkyView Advisors. Mr. Schoettlin will lead and oversee the Investment Sales division for the firm, ensuring best practices and advancement for every advisor.

Richard Riddle

Executive Vice President

Mr. Riddle as elevated from Senior Vice President to Executive Vice President. Richard is a foundational member of SkyView Advisors. With several years of irreplaceable experience and a dominant career portfolio over the past several years, Richard is a core expert who has helped transform SkyView Advisors into an industry powerhouse. As Executive Vice President, he will continue to lead a rapidly growing division with a client-first business approach.


Senior Vice President

Hunter Sells was elevated from Senior Associate to Senior Vice President. 


Senior Vice President

Aaron Sanchez was elevated from Senior Associate to Senior Vice President. 


Senior Vice President

Michael Brandon was elevated from Senior Associate to Senior Vice President. 


Senior Vice President

David Zehendner was elevated from Senior Associate to Senior Vice President. 

About SkyView Advisors

SkyView Advisors is a national commercial real estate brokerage firm built on the values of innovation, accountability, preparation, resilience & attention to detail. SkyView’s revolutionary new model is the most salesperson-centric platform in the industry, ensuring elite execution on every transaction through its proprietary 252-point process and modern technology- based platform. With a relentless commitment to innovation, SkyView harnesses technology to create efficiency in everything it does, leading to a more frictionless experience and delivering better results for clients.

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Chief Marketing Officer