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SkyView Advisors Launches New Asset Class for Manufactured Housing Representation

Growing Commercial Real Estate Platform with Investment Sales Focus

Tampa, FL. – January 9, 2024: SkyView Advisors today announced that it is officially rolling out its advisory services in manufactured housing, adding a new asset class to its current expertise in self-storage and healthcare.  SkyView Advisors is the next generation of commercial real estate advisory, with proprietary software built for the next level of investor sales representation.  With its platform, advisory teams can collaborate more effectively, scale more efficiently, and increase focus on higher value advisory services to provide the highest level service to clients.

As part of SkyView’s launch of manufactured housing representation, SkyView is announcing that Don Vedeen and Jared Bosch have joined the firm as senior leaders, focusing on manufactured housing.  Don and Jared have an elite track record specializing in the sale of manufactured housing properties across the United States. “We are fortunate to have grown our expertise and knowledge to serve institutional and private clients in accomplishing their respective goals in owning and maximizing the value of their commercial real estate properties,” said Don Vedeen.  “As we kick off our journey with SkyView Advisors, we look forward to bringing results to clients, building lasting relationships, and serving as trusted advisors on behalf of investors, REITS, developers, and syndicators,” said Jared Bosch.

SkyView Advisors aspires to lead the way as a new breed of commercial real estate brokerage focused on investor sales. SkyView’s CEO Jay Crotty led the initiative to launch the manufactured housing asset class.  “Our vision is to be the platform across commercial real estate niches that enables our clients to achieve their desired results, while helping our advisory teams grow and excel,” said Jay Crotty.  “We are thrilled to have onboarded Don, Jared and some of the brightest and most ambitious emerging leaders in commercial real estate as we build the future of commercial real estate representation together.”

The rollout of Manufactured Housing marks a new era for the company, as it continues expanding into real estate niches across the country. With a growth mindset a new asset class on the market, SkyView is poised to continue its upward trajectory and enhanced advisory services into the new year and beyond.

About SkyView Advisors

SkyView Advisors is a national commercial real estate brokerage firm built on the values of innovation, accountability, preparation, resilience & attention to detail. SkyView’s revolutionary new model is the most salesperson-centric platform in the industry, ensuring elite execution on every transaction through its proprietary 252-point process and modern technology- based platform. With a relentless commitment to innovation, SkyView harnesses technology to create efficiency in everything it does, leading to a more frictionless experience and delivering better results for clients.

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David Capece

Chief Marketing Officer