Tips for First Time Self Storage Seller

March 11, 2024

Selling Self Storage Facility for The First Time

To venture into the realm of commercial real estate investment requires a comprehensive understanding of various asset classes, including self-storage. An ever-evolving landscape, investing in self-storage can be a lucrative option, with its steady cash flow, and low overhead costs. Storage facilities, when strategically located and well-maintained, can fetch impressive returns while offering a cushion of security in fluctuating market scenarios.

Deciding on the Right Time to Sell Your Self Storage Business

Forging ahead with a decision to sell your self-storage business is no walk in the park and requires meticulous examination of certain contributing factors such as property types and sites count. In this segment, these diverse property types are a construct of the self-storage milieu, often including standard units, climate-controlled units, RV and boat storage facilities. Unit mix is, essentially, the variation in size and type of storage units a facility proffers. The value of these two components bolsters the net worth of your business, and subsequently, the asking price when you decide to sell your self-storage business.

Furthermore, location plays a huge part in a self-storage facilities value. There are many factors that impact sales price such as city, state, square footage, price per square foot & even time of year can play a factor in assessing value when looking to sell. Each location throughout the United States will boast a different price per square foot. SkyView gives users the best market insights when assessing a self-storage facility sale.

A seasoned commercial real estate broker can provide expert appraisals and equipped with market data and trends, allowing extraction of the best value for your business. Our proficiency lies in understanding the perfect timing to sell, hence ensuring maximum profitability. SkyView advisors can offer a holistic view, anticipating potential risks and identifying growth opportunities. With a thorough understanding of the market forces and the facility’s financial performance, they can guide you to ascertain the ideal time to liquidate your asset.

Self Storage Facility for Sale

Considering Selling? The Importance of a Solid Marketing Plan in the Self-Storage Industry

A robust marketing plan is critical for attracting potential buyers when selling your self-storage facility. The plan should highlight the unique features, financial performance, and future potential of your facility.

Emphasize your track record of profitability and strong operations and present a compelling story about your property’s ability to generate a steady stream of cash flow. Not only does this provide the buyer with important due diligence information, but it also creates a persuasive argument for the value of your property.

The market for self-storage has considerably broadened in the recent years, leading to a surge in investment opportunities. Potential buyers range from private investors to publicly traded real estate investment trusts (REITs), all seeking to capitalize on the robust returns offered by self-storage properties. Your marketing strategy should be tailor-made to attract these diverse groups of investors, offering detailed information about the stability of the sector, the growth potential of your particular property, and the benefits that owning a self-storage facility can offer to a larger investment portfolio.

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Sale for Self Storage

SkyView Advisors & Selling Self Storage Facilities

In navigating the dynamic landscape of the self-storage industry, the invaluable role of SkyView Advisors becomes abundantly clear. Our organization offers a wealth of expertise to guide new entrants and seasoned players alike through variable market trends, assisting in the understanding of key asset classes and strategic planning. As specialists in self-storage, our industry insights help businesses effectively align themselves with factors that shape the market, seizing lucrative opportunities when they present themselves.

SkyView Advisors is a national commercial real estate brokerage firm built on the values of innovation, accountability, preparation, resilience & attention to detail. SkyView’s revolutionary new model is the most salesperson-centric platform in the industry, ensuring elite execution on every transaction through its proprietary 252-point process and modern technology-based platform.

With a relentless commitment to innovation, SkyView harnesses technology to create efficiency in everything it does, leading to a more frictionless experience and delivering better results for clients.

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