The SkyView Guarantee | A Closer Look at Our Promise To Our Clients

June 13, 2022
The SkyView Gaurantee

A Closer Look at the SkyView Promise

The importance of a real guarantee cannot be underestimated in a constantly shifting marketplace. SkyView’s new guarantee is built on the tremendous work ethic of our team and our proprietary systems. We believe that a process-oriented approach for every facet of our business allows us to put our word behind something very meaningful that is lacking throughout the industry, which is a precise guarantee. Our industry-leading tech stack, 252-point deal process, and our unique group of industry experts ensure our guarantee on every transaction.

Why is a Front-Facing Guarantee so Important to Consider in Commercial Real Estate?

  • There is no other commercial real estate firm with a forward-facing guarantee to clients. In an industry that lacks innovation, process or change, an honest guarantee from traditional firms simply doesn’t exist. Putting a firm promise at the forefront of a thriving business line is indicative of a unique group of experts operating a step above the traditional brokerage model.


  • A guarantee creates specificity and full transparency. A concise statement on elite execution ensures clients that their investment is in the best hands possible. What do we guarantee? The highest price and best terms for your asset. How will we execute this? With our proven, 252-point process on every single transaction.



  • A front-facing guarantee is a firm commitment that holds any business accountable. Our team of experts understands the hard work and dedication needed to deliver on our promise. Full transparency is reflected in a firm guarantee which is embraced by an entire organization. Moreover, this promise creates true peace-of-mind for clients and creates a strong foundation of accountability that is lacking at the traditional brokerage firm. 

How We Confidentially Back Our Promise

Trusting the Process
and the Vision

Industry-Leading Resources & Support

Foundational Leadership

At SkyView Advisors, we have the most diverse group of business executives in the industry. Our rigid hiring standards ensure that our experts align with our vision. 


Every expert on our team embraces a process-first approach to business. SkyView Advisors is the only commercial real estate firm in the world that prioritizes a step-by-step, 252-point deal process on every single deal. 


A clearly defined process is completely lacking throughout the industry. Many brokerages rely on “industry norms” when executing a transaction. Without a standardized process in a shifting marketplace, the traditional model yields more risk than ever before. We eliminate this risk factor with our organized approach, creating success for clients regardless of market conditions. 

Elite resources and consistent support throughout the entire company allows our experts to further validate our guarantee. This is not the case at traditional brokerage firms. Client service totally varies from team-to-team and agent-to-agent. At SkyView, our operations staff collectively boasts over $10 Billion in total deal collateral and provides the same five-star level of service regardless of project size for geographic location. 


Our industry-leading operations team is backed by the most advanced tech-stack in commercial real estate. Our technology department allows our experts do what they do best; create unprecedented value and returns for our clients across the nation.  We consistently implement and utilize next-level tech platforms found at some of the top Fortune 500 companies on the planet. 




The foundation of SkyView Advisors is built on a once-in-a-lifetime bond between our co-founders, who have been best friends for over forty years. This foundation paves the way for our core values and our overall operating fundamentals as an industry-leading commercial real estate firm. 


With strong, forward-thinking leadership in an outdated industry lacking innovation, SkyView Advisors is leading the charge with the world’s most unique, digital-first platform to conduct business. This creates unrivaled efficiencies and allows us to back our guarantee and confidently deliver consistent results regardless of market shifts. 


With the most comprehensive training platform and expert mentorship from day one, all of our world-class business experts are equipped to exceed expectations and provide the ultimate client experience.