Case Study

A Mini Flex Storage

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Seller Profile

Private, family owned and operated. Father built the facility
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Buyer Profile

Private National Buyer
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Property Profile

Three property portfolio built between 1980 and 2016 with both climate and non-climate units. Two of the properties were fully stabilized and one was in lease-up

The Story

  • Number of bids: 9
  • Family had a huge percentage of their net worth wrapped up in the facility and achieving the highest price was their primary objective.
  • The owners interviewed multiple brokerage firms and several active buyers as part of their process in deciding to sell.
  • Some of the buyers had purchased properties through SkyView before and provided feedback that we run an incredibly tight, methodical process. They admitted that when they buy through SkyView, they always pay full market value.
  • Due to the feedback from buyers, the sellers hired SkyView to successfully reach the finish line.

Value Creation

The family received the highest price that the market would bear and redeployed the profits into other endeavors.

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