Case Study

Great Space Storage

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Seller Profile

Private sellers
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Buyer Profile

Private buyer re-entering self storage market
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Property Profile

Earlier generation storage, fully stabilized

The Story

  • Number of bids: 9
  • Sellers were concerned about newer product being built in the area and were looking to mitigate risk heading into the next cycle.
  • Deal is located in a growth market that received a ton of interest from qualified regional and national buyers.
  • Amount of interest showed a high demand for non-institutional stabilized product.
  • Buyer was incredibly aggressive and not only outbid the other groups on price but also on terms with a 10 day due diligence and 30 days thereafter to close.
  • The contract was executed one week after the accepted LOI

Value Creation

Sellers were able to stockpile cash for future buying opportunities and comfortably let go of their concerns over new supply in the area.

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